Who doesn’t love feeling happy?! My happiness comes from colours, which inspires me to give this world the colour that it deserves. I see good in everything and would like to show people that being happy can be easy.

Born in the USSR give me a wonderful experience to create my own things as we didn’t have much. As long as I can remember, I have always used different mediums to create a variety of art.

5 years of Art School taught me how to formally use pencil, clay, paints, papier-mâché and to think “outside the box.” Every problem has lots of solutions and it is fun trying to find one.

Interior Design College taught me how to step outside of my shell and how to combine all the things I love. It is ok to be “extra!”

Working at Inglewood Art Supplies gave me freedom in my art, with experience in acrylic paint mixing and matching colours, textures and other media.

Running my own business since 2010 has taught me that we are all different and it is awesome! Let’s be different; lets help each other to achieve new goals. Let’s be kind and spread the sunshine.